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This section provides you with descriptive information and specification on the specialty gas regulators provided by Sun Air to accommodate your specific requirement.
Selected regulator products in this section are all designed and manufactured to the highest standards concerning safety, reliability and quality. Each equipment arrived is closely examined throughout to insure conformance to specifications. Our high purity and corrosion resistant regulators are helium leak tested using a mass spectrometer. Helium leak rate certificate is available on request for certain models.       

If a cylinder regulator is your choice, do you need a single-stage or two-stage? Remember, a two-stage regulator is recommended for use with high pressure cylinders where constant delivery pressure is needed.

We have regulators specifically designed for inlet pressures up to 300 bar, and outlet pressures 4 to 200 bar. We also have a regulator specially designed for low delivery pressure of 0.5 psig. Inlet pressure and delivery range must be specified.

Corrosive gases need regulators with corrosion-resistant internal parts. High purity gases need regulators that are diffusion-resistant.
We have regulators that are specially designed for use with Acetylene, Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Chloride, Electronic Gases, Medical Gases, and Blood Gas Mixtures. These regulators are built to limit delivery pressure, to minimize leakage, or to handle low temperatures. 

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